Sea Turtle Returning To The Beach Finds Airport Instead And Ends Up Laying Eggs On Tarmac

Humans’ expansion causing habitat loss to local fauna and floral is not unheard of anymore. This is yet another sad story of an endangered green turtle reported from the Maldives.

It is the sea turtles’ habit to return to the exact spot every year where they themselves hatched to lay their eggs. This is why it is important that their natural breeding grounds are preserved. However, due to the construction of an airstrip on Maadaru island in the Maldives, a pregnant sea turtle was compelled to lay eggs on the tarmac.

Sea Turtle
Source – iflscience

The grounds on which the airstrip was built is a historically famous breeding place. Perhaps, it is possible that the turtle confused the warm tarmac with the warm sand she is customary to.

Locals returned the turtle to the sea and she was last seen in good health. A source from the island’s council said that there had not been any reduction in the number of sea turtles returning to nest since the construction.

The Maafaru airport is still under construction, and when done, it will be able to hold up to six aircrafts the size of Boeing 737s. In addition to the airport, there are future plans for a hotel and resort.

The Threat

Only 1 out of 1000 sea turtles survive into adulthood escaping the threats from predators. Due to human intervention, they are in even worse danger. Also, the IUCN Red List has labeled sea turtles as endangered. At this rate, unless appropriate conservation measures are enacted, they may go extinct.


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