“Super Mom” Duck Seen With 56 Of Her Ducklings In Tow

A group of ducklings swimming across the lake with their mother duck creates an enthralling visual. Usually, a mother duck is accompanied by at least a dozen ducklings at best. However, wildlife photographer Brent Cizek had the felicity to witness and photograph a mother duck with a long line of whopping “56” baby ducks following her trail.

Brent Cizek visited the North Minnesota lakes once summer came to capture intimate scenes of animals in their natural habitat. He bought a tiny boat to sail through the somewhat rough waters. “Well, it was not the best idea because there was a lot of wind that day and the waves were throwing my boat in all the directions I wanted,” Cizek said. He still continued his journey knowing it was quite unlikely that anything worth taking a picture of would turn up.


“Super Mom” Duck

In the next moments, his hopes heightened as he caught a glimpse of the common Merganser. He has seen a lot in this long career but what he witnessed next as he steered the boat closer to the shoreline was a first for him.

“The closer I got, the more my heart began to beat because I had never seen anything like it before,” he said.

“I knew it was going to be a unique opportunity to take pictures in life, so I immediately tried to take as many photos as possible in the hope that one of the photos would be revealed.”

We should all be grateful that he was not about to pass up the opportunity.


“Super Mom” Duck

Common Mergansers are streamlined ducks that float gracefully down small rivers or shallow shorelines. During the summers, they lead ducklings from eddy to eddy along streams. This common Merganser too was picking up babies on her way but the number was incredibly high.

“Then I was able to count 76 babies with her,” he said. “So she picked up more babies on the way in. It’s remarkable. It’s a sad day when they will continue their migration.”


“Super Mom” Duck

This is a commonly observed behavior of this breed of ducks, but not all of the babies are actually related to the mother duck. It’s like a well-practiced daycare system for ducklings. Taking care of one or two children is too much of a responsibility for a parent. Imagine taking care of 76!

The mother duck’s child care skills should be highly appreciated as she is handling 76 ducklings singlehandedly. If you fell in love with this amazing duck trail, make sure to share and leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Watch The SuperMassive Duck Family Below


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