The Raccoon Who Was Buried Alive Owes His Life To These Brave Children.

A defenseless Raccoon is buried alive. Two kind children found him and saved his life, giving him a second chance. The heroic rescue was filmed, making the kids famous worldwide.

Who Are These Heroes?

This helpless raccoon was saved by Daiton, 14, and Rylen, 12, two young heroes. Dray McMillon and his two heroic sons returned from a family reunion. Their property being surrounded by trees, they regularly go for walks. They did the same that day. While they were wandering around they found a collapsed animal burrow. They hurried to inspect, fearing a defenseless animal might be trapped inside.

Raccoon In Deep Trouble, Literally,

Their worst fears came true! the father and his sons were horrified to find a raccoon got trapped underneath. Even the Raccoon seemed to be afraid and confused because it couldn’t move. In order to save his life, the guys understood they had to act immediately. Not knowing how long the animal had been trapped made them realize every second counted.

Dray quickly grabbed a shovel and as his sons cried for help.  The raccoon had sunk to a depth of around 2-3 feet in the hole. Only his front legs and head were visible. The poor creature was gasping and struggling for breath.

They had to be incredibly careful when digging around the Raccoon since they couldn’t tell where exactly the animal was laying on its back. It was a very difficult rescue. Therefore they decided to call Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for assistance when it began to get dark.

Immediately, a volunteer from the center arrived. The raccoon was freed after many hours of heroic rescue efforts. Fortunately, he did not sustain any injuries throughout the incident. The two boys couldn’t be happier when they let him go back into the forest. Their father was very proud of them.

Image credit : Dray McMillon

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