The Photographer Tracks Down Locations From 1960s Postcards To See How They Look Today, And The Results Are Just Amazing

It was an old matchbook on Pablo Iglesias Maurer’s work table that drew him to it. He was swayed by the picture of a 1960s-style resort complex that looked like a postcard. Pablo came up with the idea for the Abandoned States photo series when he wanted to know how the once-famous monument looked now.

Maurer arrived at Penn Hills Resort, after nearly 50 years, he took a photo of the now deserted location.

Pablo has been hooked on this project since then. he bought more 1960s photo postcards from eBay and started to go around the country, capturing these once beautiful buildings from old photos that are now only faint memories of what used to be.

Maurer Says;

“There’s a haze to old postcards—the destinations were never as wonderful as they appear.” I, too, have trouble getting the two photos to line up. Time, on the other hand, blurs the distinctions and brings everything into sharper focus.”

Check the incredible series of before and after pics below!

More info: Twitter, DCist (h/t: Ufunk)


Indoor pool at Grossinger. The tiled floor was heated while the building was chilled. The beautiful mid-century “sputnik” lights illuminate the swimmers below. Under the pool are training facilities, a gym, a salon, and other amenities. The abandoned pool has been abandoned since the late 1990s.


Pool built for Grossinger for $400,000 in 1949 (about $5 million today). It used to be surrounded by private cabanas, dressing rooms, and lounges.


The moss that has overtaken the carpet in this Poconos dining hall has turned


One of the most famous “Borscht Belt” lodges is now empty. The basement’s most notable feature is a four-lane Brunswick bowling alley.  The resort closed down in the mid-2000s, but it was reopened as a Hasidic retreat and then as a summer camp, which was shut down by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation because it was not safe for people to go there.


Inside, you’ll find Grossinger’s tennis facility. The back of the postcard features an advertisement for Grossinger’s rye bread, a popular local delicacy during the resort’s operations.




In the early 1970s, a fire damaged the main building at this Poconos resort, so a replacement was constructed. It’s an amazing sight to see a modern spacecraft tucked away in the middle of the woods.


In 1958, Grossinger’s first indoor pool opened. In honor of Florence Chadwick, the first woman to swim both ways across the English Channel, Elizabeth Taylor opened the pool.


Even though it’s getting old, it still looks beautiful with a seating capacity of 1200.


There was a martini lounge at a now-defunct hotel in the Pocono Mountains.









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