Poland To Ban Fur Farming, Sparing Approximately 8 Million Animals

All animal lovers and PETA are celebrating a major win as Sejm, the Lower House of Poland votes in favor of banning animal fur farming. Approximately 8 million minks, foxes, and raccoon dogs will be saved but unfortunately, rabbits aren’t on the list to be spared.

Poland is the third-largest fur producer in the world, after China and Denmark. In such countries, animals are raised and violently slaughtered merely for their fur. The scope of cruelty in the fur farming industry is hotly debated as fur farmers tend to use methods to maximize their profits at the expense of animals’ welfare.

A letter addressing this subject, supported by nearly 90,000 affiliates, was sent to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland by PETA Germany in early September 2020. Years of campaigning by Polish animal protection groups such as Viva Poland and Otwarte Klatki also contributed to this victory.

The Senate, the upper house of parliament, is yet to vote on it. If voted in favor and signed by the president, the new legislation will be enacted within a year.


Poland To Ban Fur Farming
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The Situation in Polish Fur-farmlands

Not long ago, PETA Germany exposed the dreadful conditions prevailing in five Polish fur-farmlands. They revealed that foxes and raccoon dogs are crammed into barren wire cages filled with their own feces.

Panic-stricken, animals insanely ran in circles, paced back and forth, and scratched on cage walls. Their paws would swell and inflame as they have to stand on barren wire cages all day long. Such injuries and diseases are left untreated.

Similar investigations have disclosed that animals, even those with such injuries, would be killed by electrocution, neck-breaking, or gassing.


Poland To Ban Fur Farming
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Breeding Place For The Next Pandemic?

It’s not just animals that suffer due to fur farms. Fur farmers and handlers often suffer from the zoonotic bacterial disease tularaemia as they handle minks with open, festering wounds. Public health is at risk too. The novel coronavirus that has already taken more than 3 million lives is said to have originated from a live animal market. They are no different from fur farmlands.

Several Dutch fur-farm handlers had contracted the virus from minks who tested positive for the coronavirus. Following this incident, the Dutch parliament has passed the ban on fur farming in a flash.


Poland To Ban Fur Farming
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Poland To Ban Fur Farming
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Which Countries Would Contribute Next?

Countries such as Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Slovakia, and the UK have already imposed bans on fur farming and Poland would hopefully be joining the list soon enough.

Italy still imprisons nearly 200,00o minks a year on 13 fur farms. Help make a difference by saving those animals here.


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