Photographer Uses Muscular Human Bodies To Create Breathtaking Landscapes In His Photographs

Carl Warner is a conceptual artist and photographer known for his intricate foodscapes. In another series, Warner uses the human body to bring his imagined worlds to life. His Bodyscapes combine anatomical elements to create stunning landscape compositions.

His bodyscapes are unlike his foodscapes, which are meticulously prepared and organized. Working with the human body forces Warner to work quickly and see where the shoot takes him. Despite the appearance of many bodies entwined in each bodyscape, Warner only works with one model to create each photograph. Post-production brings it all together after capturing their bodies from various angles. This was a deliberate choice from the photographer.

He knows that people would want them to be made in a variety of bodies, but that would mean having different skin tones, which would make the environment feel out of place. He also likes that it’s all done by one model because it adds a different kind of portraiture and makes the subject feel more personal. His goal is for the photos to be less sexual, and he doesn’t want them to look that way. He thinks that combining bodies during the shooting stage might make this happen. He is more interested in how the body and the space where we live look and feel.

To make things more interesting, Warner comes up with witty names for his work like Valley of the Reclining Woman and The Cave of Abdo-men. At the same time, the piece has a real sense of being high art. Each picture is a work of art because of how Warner uses light and shadow, as well as how well he arranges the people in it.










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Information From : My Modern Met

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