19 Times Mother Nature Enthralled Us With Her Artwork

Mother nature has given immense attention to every detail of everything she ever created. Most of us lead busy, distracted lives that we miss most of the beauty. Here are 19 images showing the mesmerizing creative ability of nature that you probably missed.

It would be right to say that no artist is as creative as nature. Nature has been the inspiration for many artifacts humankind has built. However, finding out where nature gets her inspiration would be a feet that can never be accomplished. It’s beyond any human’s reach.

The most promising thing that we can do, which is neither harmful to us nor unhealthy to nature, is to enjoy nature’s wonderful creations. So why waste the short time we’ve got on this planet? Enjoy these and leave your thoughts in the comments!

#1 White Spots On Cat

White Spotted Cat
Image Credits – © cileklilipstick / Twitter

#2 Cobweb Covered Field Creates Rainbow Effect

Rainbow On Web
Image Credits – © Th3sseract / Reddit

#3 White Patterned Mushroom

White Patterned Mushroom
Image Credits – © Deferrariman / Reddit

#4 An Apple On An Apple

Apple In Apple
Image Credits – © 27rlb / Reddit

#5 Root Of Tree Fits Through Gap In The Sidewalk

Root in the Gap
Image Credits –© ksprankle1 / Reddit

#6 Perfectly Lined Up Petals

Flowers Lined Up
Image Credits – © takenwastaken / Reddit

#7 Shadow of Tree Forms A Perfect Circle

Tree Circle
Image Credits – © arq_ronaldo / Twitter

#8 Leaf Arrangement In Plant Creates Another Leaf On A Leaf

Leaf Shadow
Image Credits – © Snipes138 / Reddit

#9 No, They’re Not Gemstones. These Are Purple Potatoes

Potato Crystals
Image Credits – © 2pam / Reddit

#10 Striped Zebras Alone Weren’t Enough For Mother Nature. That’s Why She Created Spotted Ones

Zebra Patterns

#11 Colors Of This Flower Are Symmetrically Divided

Symmetry flower
Image Credits – © airwolf222b / Reddit

#12 I’m A Tree And Here’s A Hug

Tree Hugs
Image Credits – © aswalkertr / Reddit

#13 Crystals Create An Obstacle Course In A Cave

Cave Crystals
Image Credits – © Pyramidiums / Reddit© Sebastian Emmanuel

#14 “Isn’t My Moustache Adorable?”

Cat Whiskers
Image Credits –  © Spunkymonkey899 / Reddit

#15 Water Droplets On A Cobweb Creates A Tiny Universe

Futuristic Web
Image Credits – © nselle20 / Reddit

#16 Grey Leaf

Grey Leaf
Image Credits – © mmm-p*stol-whip / Reddit

#17 Mini-Cloud In A Horse’s Eye

Horse Eye
Image Credits – © zephyr0008 / Reddit

#18 Beautifully Painted Clouds 

Weird Cloud
Image Credits – © Kelly240361 / Reddit

#19 Butterfly Caterpillar Straight From A Cartoon

Image Credits – © Ryan Hagerty / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain

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