15 Meters Long Humpback Whale Poses For A Photo In California

Wildlife photography is never an easy job. Even if you have the right equipment and perfect lighting, you still need a crazy amount of patience to wait for the right opportunity. But, there are times when an awesome organism willingly presents its majestic full figure in front of photographers. Photographer Douglas Craft witnessed such an incident in Monterey Bay, California, and took advantage of it unhesitantly.

Baja Sueno is a small ordinary fishing boat that left the shore for the ordinary purpose of looking for newer fishing grounds. The crew was accompanied by Douglas Craft, a photographer, who was eager to capture the astounding marine life on his camera. Lucky for him, an opportunity presented itself right in his face.

Douglas moved under the deck of his boat and looked through a porthole in line with the waterline. It was at this moment that a Humpback Whale breached over the Californian waters to get some air. Douglas immediately captured several clicks of the majestic creature and they were absolutely perfect. The pictures were shot at an upward angle making the creature even more gigantic.


15 Meters Long Humpback Whale

The Humpback Whale’s perfect alignment with the fishing boat came as a surprise for everyone on board, even to Kate Cummings, a whale watcher by hobby. Kate had been keenly observing the whale as it breached over the waters a couple of times before. She was certain that the whale was heading in a specific direction.

Surprisingly, Kate had previously estimated that the whale’s next breach would be close to the Baja Sueno. And it was, but the perfect alignment with the boat was not foreseen even by her. She recorded a short video clip of the happening. The clip went viral in no time as the majesty of the giant sea creature was entrancing.

Watch The Whale’s Breach Below

Humpback Whales are found in almost every ocean in the world, especially in the North Pacific Ocean and the South Eastern Alaskan Waters. They migrate to Hawaii through the Gulf of Mexico, California, and Costa Rica making Monterey Bay a popular whale-watching spot during the migration season.

An average adult Humpback Whale grows up to 12 to 16 meters and can live up to 89-90 years. What makes them special are their breaching habits and the songs sung by them. Experts have heard a series of cries and moans from far and wide, which are difficult to decipher.

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