Elephant Bids Final Farewell To Beloved Mahout Who Died Of Cancer

In a viral video that took the internet by storm, an elephant was seen bidding farewell to its mahout who died fighting cancer. Locals of the Kottayam district of Kerala watched with teary eyes as this heartwarming exchange happened.

Damodaran Nair, also known as Omanachettan has been a professional mahout for nearly six decades. He has been battling against cancer and it was on the 3rd of June that he finally gave up. He has been a mahout to Pallattu Brahmadathan for the previous two and a half decades. They’ve been regulars at important temple festivals in Kerala. It would be a surprise if the duo hadn’t emotionally connected.

Pallattu Brahmadathan displayed his loyalty and their deep connection at his mahout’s funeral. He turned up at the place where his mahout’s body was being prepared for final rites. The son of Omanachettan broke down and cried while embracing Brahmadathan. Brahmadathan touched Omanachettan for one last time with his trunk, took a step back, and then curled his trunk. Everyone at the sight watched in heartwarming tears as the gentle giant then took his leave majestically.

Elephant Bids Farewell to Mahout

Their Relationship Was Always A Unique One

Brahmadathan was first owned by a resident of Kottayam’s Puthuppally. Rajesh and Manoj Pallattu then purchased the ownership of this majestic creature. It was in a place called Pala, 25 years ago, that Brahmadathan and Damodaran Nair first met each other.

Rajesh Pallattu, one of Brahmadathan’s owners, said that Omanachettan’s final wish was to see his beloved companion once before he goes to rest permanently. Upon hearing the wish, Rajesh brought the animal over a distance of 25 kilometers from his house to Omanachettan’s. His wish was granted just before his body was cremated.

The relationship between Brahmadathan and Damodaran Nair has been known to many as a very special one. It had been much like that of a father and son. Rajesh also reminisced a very heroic event that took place in 2003. Omanachettan was almost hit by another elephant during an elephant race. But his life was saved when Brahmadathan had immediately come to his rescue.

Though the duo is of different species, their relationship is much pure and genuine.

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