Man Takes Sick Dog On Final Walk In Wheelbarrow Up His Favorite Mountain

Just as much a pet can make our lives easier to live, we also have to learn to let them go, sooner or later. Such is the moving story of Carlos Fresco, and Monty, his inseparable companion of ten years who lost the 18-month battle against leukemia on June 21.

The duo shared many thrilling adventures together taking long walks and climbing mountains all over the UK. Their favorite destination was the peak of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, Wales. They’ve visited the mountain range many times over their years of companionship and even summited three peaks.


Sick Dog Goes On Final Hike

Carlos, 57, soon faced an inevitable growing awareness. He learned that his Labradoodle wasn’t feeling very well and that their last moment together is drawing closer every day. It was then that he decided to honor his very good friend one last time by sharing one last journey with him. Except for this time, Monty wasn’t on his legs.

With the aid of a wheelbarrow, Carols took his dying friend up their favorite mountain. They were also accompanied by a couple of friends.


Sick Dog Goes On Final Hike


Sick Dog Goes On Final Hike

Monty was very weak during the course of the trip but he had enjoyed “all the fuss and attention from well-wishers”. Despite his weaknesses, Monty watched his favorite mountains, hills, and the view full of memories one last time with joy and gratitude.

Even total strangers were impressed by Carlos’s gesture that they “asked if they could share in pushing Monty on his last journey”.


Sick Dog Goes On Final Hike


Sick Dog Goes On Final Hike

“I would like very much to thank them all for their support, encouragement, and genuine concern over Monty. That little guy touched so many lives. Made everyone he came into contact with a smile and just take a moment to reflect how sometimes life’s not that bad,” said Carlos.


Sick Dog Goes On Final Hike


Sick Dog Goes On Final Hike

Monty passed away on June 21, 2021, leaving his master full of tears and a lot of wonderful memories.

The loss of a dog is so painful because people are losing a little life that we were responsible for as well as a source of unconditional love and companionship. It must’ve been painful for Carlos, but he won’t be much disappointed down his memory lane.

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