Woman Returns Home A Month After Camp Fire And Finds Her Pet Dog Waiting Patiently

A Northern Californian woman returned home one month after a campfire flared through the community. What awaited her wasn’t just the ruins of her property. To her utmost surprise, she found her pet dog, Madison, patiently waiting for her homecoming guarding her now barren property. Thrilled by the reunion of a lifetime, Andrea Gaylord exclaimed, “You could never ask for a better animal. You really couldn’t.”


Dogs Waits For Family

A month ago, when the wildfire fronts rapidly advanced through landscapes and communities launching cascades of gleaming embers into the air, strict evacuation orders were placed with immediate effect. Consequently, Gaylord was not allowed to come back to Paradise in search of Madison or his brother Miguel.


Dogs Waits For Family

The fierce Campfire had gobbled up 13,972 residences killing nearly 85 people. Though the odds against Madison and Miguel’s survival were promising, Gaylord was not willing to give up. Believing that her pets survived, she reached out to Shayla Sullivan, a local animal rescue volunteer, in hopes of finding them.


Dogs Waits For Family

Sullivan soon tracked down Miguel in a city 86 miles south of Paradise. As the search continued for Madison, Sullivan located Madison “a few times deep in the Canyon.”


Dogs Waits For Family

Madison, an Anatolian shepherd mix, was not an easy catch. Sullivan kept surveillance of Gaylord’s property and left fresh food and water in case he returned home. She even met with Andrea Gaylord and left a piece of clothing containing Gaylord’s aroma assuming it would lure Madison back home. She was joyful when the arrangement actually worked.


Dogs Waits For Family

As the fire died down and clearance orders lifted, Gaylord returned home to a wholesome surprise. She pulled up at her property to find Madison waiting for her. Gaylord told ABC10 that Madison’s loyalty to hang in there in dire circumstances was very emotional.

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