Elderly Dog Sheds Happier Tears When She Sees Her Best Friend Returning From The Army

Canines are a token that unconditional love does exist. It is not their smarts that make them so remarkable. It is in fact their capability of loving which they’ve proven via action on countless occasions. Here is another incident where a dog expressed immense love and affection to its lifelong companion.

Buddy was just a few months old puppy when Hannah adopted her. Over 13 years, they spent their days together building up quite an adoring relationship until Hannah, now 21, had to leave for Oklahoma for the basic training of the army. It was very difficult for Hannah to leave behind Buddy and her pet horse Derby. At long last, she returned for a Christmas break 3 months later. She couldn’t wait to see Buddy and neither could Buddy.

Buddy’s old age, being mostly deaf or his arthritis condition did not keep her from giving Hannah the warmest welcome. The moment she witnessed Hannah’s arrival, Buddy was over the moon. She buried her head in Hannah’s lap and began crying with joy.


Best Friends Reunion


Best Friends Reunion


Best Friends Reunion

Not only do dogs do the craziest thing to lighten up your mood when you’ve had a bad day, but they also love you a lot. Their biology has underwritten their loving behavior. A study conducted by a Japanese research group showed that dogs’ oxytocin – the love hormone –  rises up when they are in contact with people.


Best Friends Reunion

We’ve seen many happy reunions of the military and dogs but this was definitely exceptional. Have you witnessed such a reunion? Whether you have or not, check out the video below to share the heartwarming moment.

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