Cockatoo Bids Farewell to His Lifeless Partner and Gives Him One Last Gentle Stroke

For a long time, humans have wondered if animals could feel the same emotions as we do. It turns out that emotions are another characteristic that animals and human beings do in fact share. In a curious incident that took place not long ago in Australia, a cockatoo bid farewell to a fellow cockatoo, providing compelling evidence for the above case.

A galah cockatoo was hit by a car on an asphalted road in Australia and the curiosity-arousing incidents that followed have gained much attention on Twitter. The cockatoo had fallen to the ground and a few more cockatoos were seen several meters away from their immobile companion. One of them approached him and caressed his head in a bidding-final-farewell manner. After a few seconds, the survivor went back to rejoin the group who seems to have been awaiting his return.


Cockatoo Bids Farewell
Image Credits – susantananda3 | Twitter

This intriguing 1-minute video was published by a Twitter user by the name Susanta Nanda. He captioned “The farewell at the end will break your heart.” The little, but touching act of affection will indeed make empathy-lacking humans reflect on themselves.


The galah, also known as the pink and grey cockatoo or rose-breasted cockatoo, is not a rare sight in mainland Australia. It weighs no more than 12 ounces and is approximately 12 inches in height. The name “galah” implies the meaning of “clown” and “fool,” even “idiot”, but it is far from the truth. The stunning galah is considered quite intelligent and can mimic a variety of sounds and vocabulary, despite their bite-sized brains.


Cockatoo Bids Farewell

They are highly socialized birds and thrives in small flocks. Interestingly, during their lifetime of 40 years, if they mate for once, it’s for life. This explains the heartbreaking gesture of grief the cockatoo displaced at the loss of his loved one.

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