A Photographer Captured A Charcoal Of Spine – A Brilliantly Colored Bird That Looks Like A Fairy Tale

Nature is the master of piercing the mundane to create the marvelous. Almost every one of her works of art is truly inspirational. Of the millions of species she created, we have yet to discover a lot. This bird with a brilliantly colored plumage found in the boreal forests of Asia is one such extraordinary piece of art.

The Carbonito de Sophie, scientifically known as Leptopoecile sophiae is a rainbow-colored bird that lives in some boreal forests in China, India, and Russia.


Charcoal Of Spine

What makes this dwarfish bird stands out among others is its striking plumage which looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Its plumage shot through streaks of blue, and violet tones, a pink belly, and white eyebrows really bring out an impressive visual.

Like many other species of birds, it is the male of this species that have the most stunning colors. Females can be distinguished from their relatively dull colors and long tail. Weighing between 6 and 8 grams, it measures no longer than 10 centimeters in height.


Charcoal Of Spine

During the breeding season, they live only in pairs. Both sexes involve in building dome-shaped nests for over a period of two weeks. At the close of it, they can be seen in flocks of about 25 birds at most. Their usuals on the menu are insects, spiders, berries, and seeds.

Their well-camouflaged nests and the lack of local predators have placed them in no danger of extinction.


Charcoal Of Spine

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