This Boy With Special Needs Visits Mom’s Grave To Tell Her “I Did It. I Graduated”

Graduation from high school is the first step of a long journey ahead. It is a chance for a child’s parents to let them know just how much proud they are of them. However, not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate that special day with warm wishes and hugs from their parents. This sweet innocent boy’s mother could not make it till his special day, so he did something special to commemorate this significant occasion.

This teen from the US has special needs but he bravely managed to make it through and graduate school. He even lost the guidance, love, and care of her mother as she passed away, back in 2010. Despite the struggles, he held strong and achieved his target. To bring her mother in on the celebration, he dressed up well and visited her mother’s grave with a lovely bouquet of flowers.


Boy With Special Needs Graduate

“I did it, I graduated today and I know you’d be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much,” he told his mom. He walked up to her gravestone and kept the bouquet along with an affectionate kiss.

Though her mother isn’t with him physically, he knows that she is always watching over him. Having to visit his mother on her grave on such a happy day must have been a very bittersweet moment for him. Although how hard it was, he honored the memory of her mother with much love. He has achieved a great milestone in his life proving all the odds wrong.


Boy With Special Needs Graduate

His determination to achieve his target despite whatever the difficulties that get thrown at our faces is an inspiration to all teens around the world. Share this story with your family and friends to inspire them all.

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