Ecological Burial Pods Turn Human Bodies To Trees

Imagine how peaceful a cemetery would look if it was a cool, fresh forest instead of the traditional cold grey landscape. That’s exactly what Capsula Mundi, an Italian organization is willing to do. They are on a mission to reinvent how we see death using biodegradable burial pods which would transform dead bodies into glorious trees.

The body of the deceased is placed in a fetal position inside an egg-shaped pod made of biodegradable material. When it is buried in dirt, the company plants a tree chosen either by the deceased prior to their death or by the deceased’s family. The plant thrives on the nutrients given by the burial pod and the body when they decompose.

Friends and family can take care of the tree. Unlike in traditional cemeteries, it won’t be gravestones or crosses that guide families to their loved ones. It will be a GPS. No more cold grey tombstones. A holy green forest where you can stroll with your loved ones. How does that sound?


Biodegradable Burial Pods

This idea was put forward by two Italian designers, Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli. “The biological life cycle and its transformations are the same for every living being. It is time for humans to realize our integrated part in nature. Capsula Mundi wants to emphasize that we are a part of nature’s cycle of transformation,” they explained.


Biodegradable Burial Pods

No matter how eco-friendly this idea is, not all countries would allow this. Capsula Mundi is illegal even in Italy, where the idea originated.

Capsules that can contain a full adult body are still being developed. However, those who are willing can place the deceased’s ashes in a pod and contribute to a greener world. White color pods are currently priced at $465 and sand-colored pods at $510. Though the company is still not involved with any funeral houses, they are willing to extend their hands to those of the mind to spread more trees.


Biodegradable Burial Pods

These pods encourage the thought of humans making their way back to nature. Being buried in a pod and returning as a tree is certainly way better than being pumped with chemicals and buried in a coffin made of trees.

If implemented worldwide, this would put an end to cutting down millions of trees to make coffins. Instead, more forests will grow. Even dead, your loved ones will contribute to the future of our planet.

Watch The Video Below To Learn More About Capsula Mundi


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