A Touching Moment Where A Baby Koala Hugs Its Unconscious Mother During Surgery

Regardless of the species, a mother is always a mother. Being loved by a mother is among nature’s most profound experiences. Animal moms are just like human moms when it comes to their relationships with their young. This mother-and-baby koala pair is here to prove it.

Injuries to this mother koala were severe following an accident. Fortunately, she and her baby were saved by a group of volunteers. Baby Phantom was taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital along with his mother, Lizzie.

It wasn’t long before it became clear that the mother koala was in a critical condition because of her wounds. To save her life, she had to undergo surgery.

Even the 6-month-old baby stayed by his mother’s side during the surgery. Moments like this are priceless. Because they were so attached to each other, the vet decided to leave them be. Having said that, splitting them up could easily cause them distress because they provide so much comfort to each other.

Kolas are social animals native to Australia. The only relationship they share is with their mothers. You can’t help but be moved by the incredible connection between the mother and the baby duo.


Image credits: Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

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