A Dolphin Leaps Out Of The Water To Kiss Dog Is The Most Cutest Thing Ever

Dolphins are one of my favorite animals. They’re friendly and fun, they always smile, and they love other animals and humans! If you want to see a dolphin smile, just look at its face—it’s always smiling! They are also known to be very curious creatures. Dolphins are not just friendly, but extraordinary creatures. They can communicate with each other remarkably well and seem to enjoy the company of other animals like humans and dogs!

This post shows one such encounter. It’s the sweetest video ever! Let us show you the video that will make your heart melt.

In the middle of a bright and sunny day, two dogs were relaxing in the sun on a boat with their fur parents. Then, they were surprised by a surprise meeting. Soon, one of the dogs and an intelligent marine creature would greet each other and share a heartfelt moment. The dolphin is curious about the two four-legged animals and approaches them.

The two dogs couldn’t contain their excitement at being so close to such a massive marine animal.

Out of sheer joy, the shy dolphin jumps out and kisses one of the dogs before diving back in. When the humble dolphin returns and amazes the dogs and their parents with an incredible feat.

However, footage of this scene was used in the award-winning IMAX classic “Dolphins,” which was filmed on location. Dolphins in their natural habitat are depicted in stunning detail in this film by MacGillivray Freeman Films, the company responsible for the One World, One Ocean campaign. Here’s a video of the dogs and dolphins’ touching encounter:

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